Tips & Tricks

We all start somewhere and while I have a life-long pass to the struggle bus I’d like to give you the option to learn from my experiences (and mistakes) in your own sewing journey.

Long before I started selling punch needle and quilting patterns I was a home and garden DIY blogger obsessed with chickens, Halloween, and easy DIY. Honestly, none of my interests have has changed in the last 10+ years, I still have chickens, still wish it was October 11 months a year, and still feel the never-ending pull to create things.

The majority of my patterns are written with the idea that you already know the basics, how to thread a punch needle, how to sew a 1/4 inch seam and bind a quilt, etc. Mostly because my patterns would be 75 pages long if I had to add all those details.

THe over-explainer in me isn’t quite ok with that, so I’ll be sharing a lot of extra stuff here, including construction tips, advice on working more efficiently, and how to store and manage supplies. All sorts of things aren’t directly related to a single pattern.

Some of these articles will be posted on this site while others will be linked to my main site Chicken Scratch NY


Punch Needle

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